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DevOps Journey - Day 12 - More Linux Prerequisites

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·Sep 16, 2022·

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👋 Hello, it's been a long time, I know.
I’m still working on the DevOps Bootcamp prerequisite. I have not posted previous stuff because I was finding it too basic to share. But today I’m sharing what Linux basics I learned now. These are important things that I hadn’t thought to learn properly before, and this Bootcamp is the perfect occasion to brush up my Linux knowledge and skills.


  • Vim - Finally I can ditch Nano
  • File Permissions - I wanted to know all about it and not just chmod777 or google it
  • CLI Pipes - That’s so useful, I wonder how I have not learned this before

In progress:

  • 🟦 Shell Scripting - I already knew some basics, but it’s great to work on building automation that will help me as a DevOps (with Python & Go)

Thanks for reading and have a good day. ✌️

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