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DevOps Journey - Day 15 - GitLab, GPG & Bash

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·Sep 21, 2022·

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Hello, today was a busy day. I started my Version Control module with some Git learning and bash exercises.


  • Git - Learn the basics commands of Git with also some useful git config tweaks.
  • GitLab - First time using GitLab, it’s less user-friendly than Github tho.
  • SSH & GPG - I created my SSH keys for Gitlab and Github, and I also finally setup a GPG key for signing my commits.


  • Bash Script - I started to work on my bash exercise, I have did the first one who was a script to install Java and check if it’s installed.
  • 🟦 Bash Script - I have 7 others Bash exercises to do in the coming days.

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to follow my blog or connect on LinkedIn 😁. Have a good day.

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