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DevOps Journey - Week 6-7 - DB, Packages & Cloud

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·Oct 21, 2022·

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Hello, this is my update for the last two weeks. My last week was very productive, I'm about to finish my monthly roadmap in advance.


  • Database - I have finished the Database module.
  • Build & Package Manager - I have also finished this module, I learned about artifacts, NPM, Maven and Gradle.
  • Cloud & IaaS - In this module I learn about the IaaS and how to create and manage a cloud instance with Digital Ocean (soon with AWS in a later module), and the best security practice (firewall, dedicated users…)
  • 🟦 Artifact Repo Manager I’m currently learning how to setup and use Nexus.


  • Build & Package Manager - I build different Java/Gradle app for running them from the source code.
  • Cloud - I setup a cloud server and run under a firewall a node app.
  • Go Exercise - I’m working on a set of 11 Go Exercises, I have finished the first one, a web server, and I’m working on the second one, a movie database.

Have a wonderful day 😁

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