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DevOps Journey - Week 8-10 - Docker & More

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·Nov 18, 2022·

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Hello, this is a big weekly update because I have missed the two others. I have mainly worked on one bootcamp module, so I waited to finish it before making an update. My productivity was pretty slow in Week 8, but Week 9 and 10 were good.


  • Docker - I have completed this big module and learned:
    • ✅ Docker commands: With cli and Desktop GUI
    • ✅ Docker Run: How to run a container, with ports, networks and envs settings
    • ✅ Docker Compose: Create and manage a stack of containers
    • ✅ Docker Volumes: Creating persistent data for containers
    • ✅ Dockerize: Create an image from any app with base images and envs
    • ✅ Docker push: Upload an image to a cloud repo or Nexus with login
  • 🟦 Jenkins - I just started the Jenkins module with setup and roles


  • Docker Bootcamp Exercise: I have run Mysql and PhpMyAdmin container with a local java app, and then dockerize the java app. At the end everything was running in a neat docker compose file on a cloud instance.

Next Weeks:

  • Build Automation (CI/CD & Jenkins)
  • AWS Services

Note: I created a DevOps Mastodon account, I am more active there than twitter because it corresponds more to my privacy value. If you are interested, send me a toot! 🐘

Thanks for the reading, have a good week. 😁

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