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DevOps Journey - Week 8 - Nexus & Artifacts

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·Oct 28, 2022·

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Hello, little update for finishing this good week. I mostly worked on the Nexus module who was longer than I thought, but I made it and have finished my month goals in time 👌.


  • ✅ Nexus Repository Manager - I have completed this module and learned:
  • ✅ Repository Types (Proxy, Hosted, Group) and how to manage them with secure roles and users
  • ✅ Publish Artifact for Gradle and Maven projects
  • ✅ Blob Store types and how to manage them
  • ✅ Nexus REST API with listing, fetching and download automation script
  • ✅ Cleanup Policies and scheduled tasks

I didn't have much time left for Go Pratice...

I'm hyped to start Docker next week!

Next Month:

  • Containers (Docker)
  • Build Automation (CI/CD & Jenkins)
  • AWS Services

Have a great week. 😁

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