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My DevOps Roadmap

My way to DevOps job

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·Aug 31, 2022·

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Hello I’m DevMentat, and this is my personal DevOps Roadmap. I will update it whenever I achieve a step on time or not, and also for adding details for the later step.

My Background:

I come from a degree in Sys Admin and Network and I have studied for a year Cyber Security.

My strategy:

I will first start with a DevOps bootcamp who is six months long, but I’m planning to finish it in five months or less. I know the bootcamp doesn’t cover with depth all subjects, that’s why at the end of the bootcamp, I will take three additional months to study further the tools and technologies used by DevOps. I will mainly use videos and books while doing public projects for training purpose and also sharing my new skills.

The Roadmap:

This roadmap starts now in September, my goal is to find a DevOps position in May or before. I will detail my resources for the three deep learn months when I finish the bootcamp. But if you have good DevOps books that go into detail to recommend, I would be grateful.

MONTH 1 - DevOps Bootcamp

  • ✅ Prerequisites

  • ✅ Bash

MONTH 2 - DevOps Bootcamp

  • ✅ Version Control (Git)

  • ✅ Database

  • ✅ Build & Package Manager (NPM, Gradle)

  • ✅ Cloud & IaaS

  • ✅ Artifact Repo Manager

MONTH 3 - DevOps Bootcamp

  • ✅ Containers (Docker)

  • ✅ Build Automation (CI/CD & Jenkins)

  • 🟦 AWS Services

MONTH 4 - DevOps Bootcamp

  • Container Orchestration (Kubernetes)

  • K8s on AWS

MONTH 5 - DevOps Bootcamp

  • laC with Terraform

  • Automation with Python

MONTH 6 - DevOps Bootcamp

  • Configuration Management (Ansible)

  • Monitoring with Prometheus

MONTHS 7-9 - Self-Learn

  • Deep Learning & Training

  • Public Projects

MONTH 10 - Job

  • Finding a DevOps job

  • More projects and deep learning

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